Artistry Coach Erin McCarthy draws on the worlds of music and theater to help dressage riders become relaxed, confident, and creative dance partners to their equine counterparts.  With an assortment of tips, tricks, and techniques that have proved invaluable in her career as a professional opera singer, Erin has developed three methodologies for teaching riders to develop body awareness and feel, rhythmic independence, and become effortlessly communicative in the dressage ring. 

Ridden Rhythms brings the same energetic, inspirational educating style that Erin uses in her vocal studio to help dressage riders understand rhythm and develop a strong sense of rhythmic independence.  Equisong teaches riders and singers alike to identify tension and increase their body awareness in ways that are new, novel, and very effective.  Storytesting takes a novel approach to conquering show ring nerves while encouraging a proactive, forward-thinking, communicative way of riding that can be loads of fun in addition to working like a charm.  In all three methods, Erin brings her supportive, kind, thoughtful teaching technique, which is frequently as entertaining as it is educational.  And in all of her coaching, Erin tailors the teaching to meet each rider's individual goals.

EquisongRidden Rhythms, and Storytesting each serve a unique purpose, but were developed in concert with a simple goal: To provide dressage riders with a series of simple solutions to the complex problem of "artistry".  Many riders struggle with feel, rhythm, relaxation, and other sensory concepts that are tentpole in the art of dressage but can seem frustratingly ephemeral to people climbing the training scale.  The same can be said of singing, which is also an art with a long theologic history and deeply-technical learning curve that, too, relies on feel and relaxation, and of which tension is the enemy.