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Photo: Bulldog Design Group LLC

Photo: Bulldog Design Group LLC

A lifelong equestrian and avid dressage rider, Erin credits much of her singing success to time spent in the saddle.  She created Equisong to give riders the opportunity for a unique, educational sensory experience that promotes relaxation, bringing greater feel and a dynamic connection to the breath.


As a singer, Erin has developed a keen understanding of and adeptness with the biomechanics of breathing as well as the group of muscles commonly referred to as "the core", including the pelvic floor.  By putting a rider in the saddle and gently leading them through a series of breathing and vocalization exercises, new ways of accessing and activating key muscle groups is achieved.  By breathing more efficiently and correctly, using vocal activity as a guide, riders can then develop a softly following seat filled with gently recycled and readily accessible energy: The Singing Seat.  

Equisong lessons can be taught in individual or group format and, because of the disarming nature of the vocal element, are particularly enjoyable in a clinic setting.